Samuel Adam

The world without and the world within.

Month: May, 2010

Grace for the Humble (not just the saved)

In the company of drunks – there’s a place I feel very much at home still to this day.  I spent a good portion of my 30’s on stools in dive bars, airport bars, brewpubs… anywhere the empty, the eff-ups, and the out-of-control met for drinks and hollow company.  I would catch glimpses of Jesus […]

Your Happy

A few years ago I (literally) ran across this little message on a sidewalk; no messenger in sight.  I expected to hear giggles from behind a fence or a tree house.  Nothing.  I've never forgotten this moment. I remember the thick, late-afternoon autumn air felt like my nose pressed into a warm pillow rich with grass and […]

Rain Awakening

The moment it began, as I remember it. The rainy night, the salty aroma of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, the child on stomach and elbows in the living room, coloring. And this child, even with bright crayon in motion, senses for the first time a dark mystery beneath this all, that raindrops tumble […]