Samuel Adam

The world without and the world within.

Month: November, 2011

Holding Herself for Ransom

You know, he says, there's a part of you that's pure, underneath all that prickly stuff. Your wide-lip-glimmer-eye-winsom-smile, your soft-skin-brush-against-my-skin gives the real you away more often than you might like to think. Maybe it's the Me I ache to let loose,  she whispers in a downward-blush-gaze, but would it would just leave me too […]

Where the Trees Stand Still

I was born with wanderlust for blood.  You know, Wanderlust is an interesting word.  The similar German word, Fernweh, literally means, "ache for distance."  It's one of many beautiful aches life has handed me – as if tied with a red ribbon, presented tenderly with the hope of kindredship if not love – as if […]

Sometimes lost is where you need to be

Battlestar Galactica, in my humble opinion, might actually be the greatest story ever told.  I'm not kidding.  I'll save my reasons for another day but let me share this one little gem with you.  I'll try not to spoil the plot so please forgive me if my description sounds cryptic. By the last season, every […]