Smirk Like a Name

[ A very old poem worth sharing ]

Dashboard rose
Wilting streetlights
Driveway at the top of the hill

For the first time I called him Smirk
Like a name
Because I knew what he was thinking
And I swear I saw headlights grin

Dashboard rose
Suburban hills
Radar in the shadows

I had dinner with a friend
We built a pond on the table
And loved our sushi with beer
Laughing at silly voices we make
And the lady gave her a rose

Dashboard rose
Toll bridge greens and reds
Weaving Valentine's night drivers

I had a beer with a friend
Who agreed with me about things
That mean more to us
Than others who don't know
We left in five minutes
To not be late

Dashboard rose
Strip mall store signed like towers
One car boasting blue headlights

I saw a movie with a friend
One like others see on special days
One like we see just because
We're not that different
After all, we said

Dashboard rose
Rescued from the floor
Parking garage goodnights

I met her at the parking garage
And we nodded up at each other
Like cool people do on TV
And I was glad on Valentine's Day
Not to have a date or to prove
I'm clever or cute

Dashboard rose
Like a rock ballad
From neon 80s in my head

I met her like cool people on TV
She left a rose on the dashboard
For the first time I called him Smirk
Like a name