Forty Eight

I’m forty eight years old today. I feel thirty. I’m blessed more than I deserve.

Friends, I wish for you the same sense of blessing I have in life these days. From my personal experiences I’ve come to believe we have only what we cooperate with God (the Universe, or however you understand him) to get. And we have those things so we may help each other. If you’re down, ask for help. If you’re up, share it, and share how you got it.

Here are forty eight Sam proverbs. Nothing all that original – just things I think about often. These are off the top of my head, in no particular order, unedited. Many are topics I’d like to write more about but may not get around to.

  1. Find love, don’t wait for it. Search it out like you do food and shelter.
  2. Love and admiration changes a good man. It makes him admirable.
  3. Love and adoration changes a good woman. It makes her adorable.
  4. Good men stick to the rules.
  5. Good men don’t always make the rules.
  6. Good men break the rules.
  7. Sin boldly. Obvious sins (or mistakes, if you prefer) are better than the kind that trail behind.
  8. You are capable of more than you know – good and bad.
  9. God gives grace to the humble, not the correct.
  10. Learned, revealed, or otherwise, you only have your own understanding of anything, including God. Be humble.
  11. When nothing changes, nothing changes.
  12. You will face very real risks in life. Don’t be afraid. Living is a risk already.
  13. If “good is the enemy of best” then best is also the enemy of good.
  14. Good is still pretty good. If you sit around waiting for best too long, you’ll end up with neither. Striving for best often misses the art of living.
  15. If you don’t enjoy journeys you probably don’t really like destinations either.
  16. A destination is the excuse for a journey. Remember that next time you imagine heaven or whatever afterlife you hope for.
  17. You’ll rarely regret slowing things down. You’ll often regret rushing.
  18. People are basically bad. People basically want to do good. When you get that both are true, you’re on your way to understanding how people work.
  19. Money does buy you happiness, it just can’t buy you joy. Temporary happiness is valuable. Let it be.
  20. Receiving brings happiness, giving brings joy. Joy is better than happiness.
  21. It’s better to give than to receive but learn to do both.
  22. Learn to be a gracious recipient of gifts, grace, and compliments. Few things endear you to people more than this.
  23. Earn as much as you can. Give as much as you can.
  24. You probably have everything right now that you really want – everything you were willing to risk to get.
  25. Attraction beats promotion every time.
  26. Resentment is literally deadly for some. Get help, if not for you then for those who love you.
  27. Dogs bark to defend houses they didn’t build, don’t own, and are incapable of actually defending. They’re just wired that way.
  28. Too many preachers bark. Leave that for the dogs.
  29. The world within you is larger than the world outside you.
  30. Change the world inside first. Most times that takes lending a helping hand to the world outside.
  31. Happiness makes you cry.
  32. Being correct is its own reward. Being honest takes wisdom, time, and self-discovery.
  33. Being honest with and about yourself is more difficult than being correct. Don’t take the easy way out.
  34. God will take an honest guess or try over a correct answer any day of the week.
  35. God is not just in the soul-saving business, he’s in the ass-saving business too.
  36. Some of us need our ass saved first because, for us, the “born again” mentality can be a soup of denial, escapism, and make-believe.
  37. Willingness to believe is all it takes most days – not because it’s a mental trick but because lack of willingness is usually the problem.
  38. The heart remains a child. Treat it firmly and lovingly – yours and theirs.
  39. You don’t find yourself. You become yourself. Only a few truly become themselves.
  40. People remember how you made them feel. Give confidence and positive points of view.
  41. Writing heals the soul; even more so when you purpose to write from a different, more positive point of view.
  42. Forty two might actually be the answer to life, the universe, and everything – we just don’t know how yet.
  43. A true friend is someone who loves you for no damned good reason.
  44. Most of us have been or will be born again in one way or another when the weight of reality finally crushes the way we have it pictured in our head.
  45. Rebirth is not a sudden enlightenment; it’s a stark beginning from which we start blurry-eyed, weak-legged, disoriented, and ignorant – and free from the life that killed us.
  46. Things take time. Sit back, look around, and enjoy the view in front of you.
  47. If you are a man, become the kind kids rest their heads on, women feel protected by, friends feel backed by, family can depend on, and young men look up to. It’s what you were made for. You don’t have to be perfect or great, just unselfish.
  48. Always have something with your coffee – like cake, pie, or something like that.