I’m Sam. Adam is my middle name. I live in Austin, TX.  I do web application development for dough.  I’m also a decent musician and capable audio engineer.  My favorite thing to do is ponder; sitting, running, or on a bike in the woods. I grew up a pastor’s kid, survived an existential crisis, was restored to faith by Søren Kierkegaard, was relieved in many ways to find a kindred spirit in Frederick Buechner, discovered a playful perspective in Billy Collins’ poetry, and found Christ for me in the wisdom and company of recovering drunks. This blog will be a place to gather writings and thoughts; some old, some new.  These will include stabs at poetry, memoirs (or embellished, ambiguous stories loosely based on memories) as well as thoughts on living and dying – all from a full heart and an appreciation for life as it is and as it was – which is and was mostly a mess. I hope you will find them enjoyable.