Samuel Adam

The world without and the world within.

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Hey Kid, You’re OK

Old photographs are magical – especially paper photos you hold in your hand. I have very old pictures of strangers whose histories have shaped my own. They stand like figurines in grayscale yesteryear, in front of houses, beside cars, holding babies, smiling, or not smiling. Now and then an old photo grips us and we […]

Deep Waters

I remember a time in my existential journey when I was being drawn back to God, to Christ, compelled in ways that were beyond me. I had divorced myself from the Christendom I had known so severely that there was no going back to the same situation. This time it had to be different for […]

Thoughts for a rainy day

I see the world in blues and greys. I don't know how else to describe it. It's beautiful to me that way. I was taken from the rich, wet Jory soil of Oregon's Willamette Valley. One day, sooner than I'd prefer maybe, my ashes will return to some crumbly stretch of soil but, until then, […]

Sin Boldly

My brain usually feels shell-shocked in the late-January nuclear fallout from December holidays. It’s like this for the first few weeks of every new year. I look around these days with a blank stare, no judgement, no assessments, no anything… just taking it all in, feeling less than intelligent, less than interesting, and enjoying it […]

In Our Rags of Light

Fredrick Buechner, my favorite author, writes his memoirs with words, which like large, fatherly, generous hands graciously hand his memories to you as if they were your own to begin with. In his book Now and Then, he shares one of his most memorable seminary professors, James Muilenburg. He was a fool in the sense […]

We Are Not All Sons and Daughters

I heard a seething remark once from a disgusted lady shaking her finger at a TV.  "Just because you can have a kid DOES NOT make you a father.  You're just a sperm donor."  You can picture the scene; some deadbeat, absent dad demanding rights to his children on some reality court TV show. Life […]

Grace for the Humble (not just the saved)

In the company of drunks – there’s a place I feel very much at home still to this day.  I spent a good portion of my 30’s on stools in dive bars, airport bars, brewpubs… anywhere the empty, the eff-ups, and the out-of-control met for drinks and hollow company.  I would catch glimpses of Jesus […]