Samuel Adam

The world without and the world within.

Category: Poetry

I Understand

I want to tell you something important. I understand. I feel the rain. I feel the rain rich with the smell of rugged Texas when drops pound the dry dirt. I am the soft pines of Oregon’s Jory clay, soaked under forever clouds. I soak in the Indiana musk, and tree roots under my feet, […]

Smirk Like a Name

[ A very old poem worth sharing ] Dashboard rose Wilting streetlights Driveway at the top of the hill For the first time I called him Smirk Like a name Because I knew what he was thinking And I swear I saw headlights grin Dashboard rose Suburban hills Radar in the shadows I had dinner […]

July Roses

Tired roses Faded against the fence line Blushing faces happily sunburned Looking at the house now, or at the ground I walked by one, I Held out my hand, and It dropped a pink petal, from A long ago bloom A petal like a soft word Tender in my palm, whispering Like the breeze that […]

Holding Herself for Ransom

You know, he says, there's a part of you that's pure, underneath all that prickly stuff. Your wide-lip-glimmer-eye-winsom-smile, your soft-skin-brush-against-my-skin gives the real you away more often than you might like to think. Maybe it's the Me I ache to let loose,  she whispers in a downward-blush-gaze, but would it would just leave me too […]


you said you wanted to dance under the moonlight like ghosts, but before twilight we wandered into the woods like lost children we pondered and wondered, lost our handhold, lost our foothold, lost our way with dusk behind us, darkness overtaking us, blindness threatening us, you asked what was that you just said about me?

My Sweetheart the Drunk

With eyes low and beautiful she wonders what time the morning curtains will slide open and ponders stretching the time between here and there.  A slender finger saunters around a martini's lipsticked-shiny-edge and tugs on the dreams of some other night's slumber.   Head still, her eyes drift upward, lips bright and ready to speak […]

California State Flower

little flowers small and orange speckles and sprinkles atop winter-rainy-green hills bright little souls in modest garb unassumingly, beggingly, brilliant under frigid rain, upright, tiny warm hearts within them waiting for eyes to drink them eyes like mine who drink everything beautiful, everything wonderful and magical because, once, they were drunk on the laughing-voice, whisper-stride, […]

Not a Day

Today is not very much of a day For cumbrous, sombrous, or near relatives Of like adjectives to modify words for burdens We all carry enough of Today is very much of a day Where splattered cloud blue sky flying birds Remind you of childhood moments With whispers felt cool on your face It is […]

Rain Awakening

The moment it began, as I remember it. The rainy night, the salty aroma of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, the child on stomach and elbows in the living room, coloring. And this child, even with bright crayon in motion, senses for the first time a dark mystery beneath this all, that raindrops tumble […]