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Category: Stories I Tell

Miracle Bike

A year or so before my dad passed he asked me, “Hey Sam, do you remember the time when you were a kid and you gave your bike to that guy?” It was always weird to hear him call me Sam because that’s his name too. I did remember. ___ It was a sunny Saturday […]

You Love What You Love

I used to hate dogs. I thought they were disgusting, poop-eating, smelly, loud-barking, cat-killing, needy, table-begging, annoying, farting, drooling, shin-licking, … evil maladroits capable of hypnotizing the entire human species with a mere tail wag. I could go on and on about what I hated but I suppose it’s better not to dig up old […]


I died in my sleep once. It happened in my late 20s. It was absolute, sudden, and predictable. And if only metaphorical, it was more than a spiritual death; it was also mental, emotional, social and, I've come to understand, not unique at all. Many of us die this way sooner or later. That's why […]

Where the Trees Stand Still

I was born with wanderlust for blood.  You know, Wanderlust is an interesting word.  The similar German word, Fernweh, literally means, "ache for distance."  It's one of many beautiful aches life has handed me – as if tied with a red ribbon, presented tenderly with the hope of kindredship if not love – as if […]

Then, Everything Changed (Ready for the Rain)

It's a long story. I tell it a lot. I grew up in Indiana, the Midwest land of bitterly cold, dirty-road-slushy-snow winters and sweaty-steamy summers. Not the little kid growing up kind of growing up though. This was the high school growing up kind. The Glory Days, as The Boss wisely called them, freeze some […]

Stella Johnson

Stella Johnson was one of the most influential people in my life.   Anyone with ears to hear and eyes to witness could gather wisdom from her to fill traveling bags for a lifetime’s journey. Stella was a very elderly lady with a fascinating history you’d try to piece together from clues dropped during her dementia-induced […]

Do You Know Peter?

I played in a friend's band at a Christian music festival in England once.  I learned a few things.  It was held at a horserace track and, after having the hardest time finding our dressing room, we learned that there is no such thing as jockeys' quarters number thirteen. It was the late nineties.  I […]

People are Basically Bad

They were giants.  They are the unforgettable pillars of our youth who stood like mountains and foothills edging the valleys of our journey and like landmark redwoods lining the trails we shared.  Were we to meet them today we might find them ordinary and only five-foot-so, but they live on as legends in our memories, […]