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The world without and the world within.

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Wondrous Creatures

I’m sitting in the living room staring at a corner of the carpet where our dog, Bear, used to lie. It’s one of our last nights in Austin before our move to Oregon. I look to the fireplace mantle where Bear’s ashes rest. The room is empty but for a sofa, empty bookshelves, and a […]

You just keep doin’ your thing, man

I leave the office at the end of the workday and start my trek from South Congress to the North side of Austin. It’s a stop and go drive. I don’t mind it much because it gives me time to ponder life. Lately I’ve been pondering a man in a green t-shirt who waves at […]

Forty Eight

I’m forty eight years old today. I feel thirty. I’m blessed more than I deserve. Friends, I wish for you the same sense of blessing I have in life these days. From my personal experiences I’ve come to believe we have only¬†what we cooperate with God (the Universe, or however you understand him) to get. […]

On the eve of your move

I've moved many times. I've said goodbye a lot, sometimes with tears. I've also said hello a lot and that takes a lot of smiling. An imaginary, melancholy mistress visits me in these times of transition. She tells me about Then, This and There. Then are the moments and memories that led to This, which […]

Sometimes lost is where you need to be

Battlestar Galactica, in my humble opinion, might actually be the greatest story ever told.  I'm not kidding.  I'll save my reasons for another day but let me share this one little gem with you.  I'll try not to spoil the plot so please forgive me if my description sounds cryptic. By the last season, every […]